Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap

I'm taking a break from food recipes today to share my most recent batch of soap! Soap-making is one of those random hobbies I've actually kept up with. I have a tendency to start a hobby for a few months, buy all the gear and supplies needed, and then abandon it a few months later. Soap-making, though, has been one that's stuck.

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap

Homemade cold-process soap is gentle on my skin and doesn't dry me out like many commercially made alternatives. And, if you decide to get into soap-making, you'll find you can make a batch for a fraction of the price of what's for sale at Whole Foods or other stores selling natural body products.

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap
Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap

If you haven't ever made a batch of cold-process soap before, make sure to read this tutorial over at Offbeat + Inspired. You'll find everything you need to know, and it may even bring you back to your high school chemistry days (although if you were like me and wasn't a huge fan of chemistry class, don't let that scare you away!). Happy soap-making! 

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap

Lemon-Basil Shea Butter Soap
Makes about 16 (4 ounce) bars of soap

*If you are new to soap making, visit this post from Offbeat + Inspired for the full instructions. 

Base Oils
14 ounces Shea butter
13 ounces coconut oil
8 ounces olive oil
3 ounces jojoba oil
2.5 ounces avocado oil
1 ounce beeswax

Lye Solution
14 ounces water
5.5 ounces lye

Add 2 ounces lemon essential oil and 1 ounce basil essential oil right before the mixture reaches trace. (Note: With this recipe, the lemon-basil scent was very strong at first, but it mellowed out perfectly after a month of curing.)

Remember to let your soaps cure for 4-6 weeks before using or gifting