Sweet Potato, Sausage + Apple Bake

Do you read Coffee + Crumbs? I've been following that blog for about a year now. I've laughed, cried and found encouragement through the stories that have been shared. I remember when I first started following C+C I thought, "I would love to guest post there someday."

I am SUPER excited to announce that "someday" has arrived. I'm humbled to be posting alongside amazing women who have a gift of storytelling and beautiful (and often hilarious) perspectives on motherhood. I hope you'll find encouragement - and maybe some good food - from what I'm sharing over at C+C.

Sweet Potato, Sausage + Apple Bake-7.jpg

I remember many significant life experiences by the food that accompanied it. I remember most of the menu at my wedding. I remember the meal we ate the day my mom had surgery to remove her cancer, and I remember the breakfast my family shared shortly after she died. I can picture almost every single dish someone brought to me after I had my twins. I’m horrible at remembering movie quotes, sports statistics or miscellaneous facts. But food? That I remember. 

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