Haus Favorites: Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover [and a giveaway!]

A few months ago, the hubs and I were out to brunch with out-of-town family. We were that group at the restaurant with the zillion kids, a few strollers, carseats, diapers bags, etc. It was crazy. And it was awesome. Sure, it was hectic trying to keep infant twins happy while also catching up with relatives and scarfing down breakfast. Yet, there was just something about all of us being together - seeing each other, meeting new babies, sharing the joys and struggles of parenthood while getting free refills on coffee - that made the morning wonderful. 

While we were there, one of the cousins who had recently had a baby was nursing her little boy using a Covered Goods nursing cover. I loved that the fabric was more reminiscent of a scarf I'd wear than a baby product, and I definitely appreciated the fact that she could comfortably nurse her baby in the midst of brunch without fear of being exposed. I had to pump and bring bottles with me, because my anxiety about a wardrobe malfunction was all too real. 

I owned one of those nursing covers with the tie around the neck and the fabric that drapes over your front. I thought it worked perfectly fine - and it did for the most part when I had tiny little newborns who didn't flail all over the place and attempt to display my boobs the world. When my kids got a little older, though, things changed. They started grabbing at the nursing cover, wiggling around and attempting to get me to flash unsuspecting passersby. Well, kids, you've met your match. The Covered Goods cover stretches all the way down my back, so my kids can't just pull the fabric off. I feel much more comfortable nursing anywhere, and it makes life so much easier when I don't have to rush home to feed, make sure to pump and bring bottles or find myself a secluded corner. (Side note: Kudos to moms who feel comfortable nursing anywhere regardless of their use of a cover. I personally like to be covered up, but mamas, do whatever works for you!)

The other thing I love about these covers is that they're multi-use. The fabric is super soft and works great as a scarf. It fits perfectly around a car seat (which came in handy on a recent trip to Costco), and it works as a shopping cart cover (I have yet to try this, but love the concept). Especially when it comes to baby products, anything that can be used for more than one purpose is a win in my opinion. Covered Goods covers are also machine washable, fold up easily (and really small) and are made in the good 'ol US of A. 

So let's get to the good stuff! Covered Goods is giving away one nursing cover to a reader of The Homemade Haus. The giveaway will run for one week, and the winning prize can be shipped to addresses in the contiguous United States. To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below!

This post and giveaway was sponsored by Covered Goods. All opinions are 100% my own.