Hi! I’m Sarah, a wife, mama, writer, and omnivore.

In my previous life, I worked in the nonprofit world. For several years I was on staff at By The Hand Club For Kids, a Chicago-based organization serving kids in under-resourced communities. After that I worked with Feed My Starving Children, a nonprofit providing food for malnourished children around the world.

Now, you can usually find me chasing around my twin toddlers or snuggling my baby boy - although he’s on the verge or walking, so I’m chasing him around more often than not, too! When I’m not hanging out with the littles, I’m often reading, writing, or creating in the kitchen. 

My family and I eat paleo-ish, but thanks to no major food allergies or intolerances, our diet includes a little bit of everything. You’ll find paleo recipes here, but part of my own journey in learning hospitality includes learning to cook for a range of diet preferences and restrictions. That means you’ll see vegan dishes like Curry Stew and indulgent recipes like Bacon + Dark Chocolate Cookies. Whatever the dish, I’m all about food that delights, which sometimes means a green smoothie to feel my best or at other times a cocktail to share with friends. 

You’ll find a few other posts mixed in with recipes, like how to make homemade salt scrubs or personal essays. In addition to writing here, I contribute recipes and essays regularly to Coffee + Crumbs, a collaborative blog about motherhood. You can also check out some of my work at The Gospel Coalition, (in)courage, and Willow + Sage magazine

Whatever you end up reading, I pray it’ll be helpful, encouraging, and inspiring. Most of all, I hope you feel at home. 

So grab a drink, put your feet on the coffee table, and relax even if red wine spills on the carpet. There are probably spit-up stains there, anyway.

Sarah J. Hauser
Sarah J. Hauser
Sarah J. Hauser


Food - I had to ask my husband on this, because there aren’t many foods I don’t like. But I have to go with chips and guac, or if I’m feeling fancy, a meat and cheese board. Bring on the prosciutto. 

Drink - Coffee (I’m spoiled with a professional coffee roaster for a brother!), red wine, a Manhattan 

Kitchen Tool - A sharp knife (this was a recent Christmas present from my hubby and I LOVE it!)

Cookbook - There are so many! But you can never go wrong with Ina

On My...

Wishlist - Books. So many books. What I’ve been eyeing most recently is Kitchen Creativity and Gather and Graze (the latter is by Stephanie Izard, one of my favorite Chicago chefs). 

Nightstand - A Million Little Ways, my Cultivate What Matters planner, flowers from my husband

Fridge - Coupons, recipe notes, and artwork from my three-year-old twins

Counter - Groceries from Costco that I’m procrastinating unpacking and dirty dishes from lunch. Again, procrastination. 

I Used To...

Be a soccer goalie (Go Thunder!).

Travel a lot.

Think I wasn't creative.

Drive a forklift for work.

Regularly have uninterrupted conversations with other adults.

Now I...

Change diapers. So. Many. Diapers. 

Am a homebody (but I hope to travel more again!).

Deeply value creativity.

Drive a minivan.

Carry toddlers, kiss owies, snuggle babies, and learn to embrace ordinary, beautiful chaos.

Sarah J. Hauser
Sarah J. Hauser

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